Community Development

Block Grant

DETCOG provides support and assistance to the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Deep East Texas Regional Review Committee with implementation of the Texas Community Development Block Grant (TXCDBG) Program for counties and cities in the Deep East Texas region.

CDBG:  Community Development Block Grant Program

This program supports our communities and region by providing public infrastructure, suitable living environments, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income.  All incorporated cities and counties in the DETCOG region are eligible for these funds.


Annually, the DETCOG region receives a formula-based allocation of funds for which applicants can compete. The CDBG applications are scored based on criteria developed by the Unified Scoring Committee (USC), which is composed of one representative from each Council of Governments in the state, and points allocated by Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Grants are awarded to the highest-ranking applications. Projects are funded until all available money is expended from that cycle.


DETCOG staff also provides technical assistance, support, and data for cities and counties in our region with CDBG grant applications and other programs.



Bob Bashaw, Regional Planner
Carolyn Stephenson, Regional Services Specialist