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Staff Directory

Deep East Texas Council of Governments

(936) 634-2247



Lonnie Hunt, Ext. 5264

Executive Director

Lacy Sargent, Ext. 5266

Executive Assistant / HR Director

Carla Scurlock, Ext. 5300

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Dora Wilmore, Ext. 5319

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Sid Munlin, Ext. 5600

IT Director

Karen Tillar, Ext. 5334

211 TX AIC Resource Manager

LaSchericka Armstrong, Ext. 5111

I & R Specialist

Bryan Belsha, Ext. 5338

I & R Specialist / Facilities Coordinator

Patricia Daniels, Ext. 5322

I & R Specialist / ADRC Coordinator

Pamela Logan, Ext. 5322

I & R Specialist

Donna Sprouse, Ext. 5255


Larry Alaniz

Program Planner


Holly Anderson

AAA Consultant

Pam Irvin

ADRC Coordinator

Laci Watkins

ADRC Coordinator

Danielle Sells, Ext. 5308

Benefits Counselor

Maria Navarrete, Ext. 5324

Case Manager

Melissa Furay, Ext. 5331

Contract Manager

Tonya Jackson-Simpson, Ext. 5326

Ombudsman Manager

Sherinaka Hewitt

Long Term Care Ombudsman


Phone (936) 559-0844

Veronica Constante, Ext. 5268

Program Director

Marsha Poole, Ext. 5271

Program Administrator

Tongula Davis, Ext. 5267

MIS Coordinator

Felicia Johnson, Ext. 5270

Family Support Specialist

Jesse Luera

Family Support Specialist

Michelle Oliver

Family Support Specialist

Brenda Salazar

Family Support Specialist

Felicia Williams

Family Support Specialist

Stephanie Hill

Family Support Specialist

Dedria Lewis

Family Support Specialist

Sheila Woodard

Family Support Specialist


Cynthia Chionsini, Ext. 5256

CFO / Controller

Catina Boykin, Ext. 5251

Assistant Controller

Renekil Hamilton, Ext. 5328

Senior Accountant

Arthur Anderson, Ext. 5210

Procurement Agent/Facilities Manager


Janett Lewis, Ext. 5257


Donna Davidson, Ext. 5315

Deputy Director / Accountant

Scherita McCray, Ext. 5301

Deputy Director / QC & Data Analyst

Freda Gilbert, Ext. 5262

Administrative Assistant

Christina Oseguera, Ext. 5320

HQS Inspection Coordinator

Tonya Vandergrifft, Ext. 5354

FSS Coordinator

Lin Land, Ext. 5321

Intake & Special Programs Coordinator

Jessica Smith, Ext. 5335

Special Programs Coordinator

Barbara Davenport, Ext. 5349

Compliance Analyst

Hayley Rothfeld, Ext. 5329

Housing Specialist

Tanya Adams, Ext. 5349

Housing Specialist

Brenda Williams, Ext. 5318

Housing Specialist

Katja Ellis, Ext. 5350

Housing Specialist


Mike Claude, Ext. 5316

Public Safety Director

Mark Cunningham, Ext. 5273

Public Safety Planner / IT Technician

Candy Marcotte, Ext. 5336

Public Safety Planner

Charlesetta Malone, Ext. 5252



Jeff Adams, Ext. 5259

Senior Program Specialist


John Streeb, Ext. 5260

GIS Administrator

Lloyd Persons, Ext. 5261

County Data Coordinator (Newton/San Augustine/Tyler)

Wendy Anderson, Ext. 5265

Data Quality Manager

Ben Duncan, Ext. 5253

GIS Data Maintenance Technician

Kimberly Rodgers, Ext. 5250

Program Specialist / Administrative Assistant

Andrew Harmon, Ext. 5310

Regional Planner / Assistant Executive Director

Carolyn Stephenson, Ext. 5353

Regional Services Specialist


Erin Hollis, Ext. 5332

RSVP Coordinator

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