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911 Physical Address

Need a 9-1-1 physical address or have questions about your 9-1-1 Address

All counties within the DETCOG region have completed their initial 9-1-1 addressing project. If you have not received your 9-1-1 address and live within a county's jurisdiction, please contact the appropriate addressing personnel listed below. To request a 9-1-1 physical address for a new structure in an unincorporated area (outside a City Limits) of your county, please see the chart below. To request a 9-1-1 physical address in an incorporated area (inside a City or Municipality), please contact your City Hall for more information. Questions regarding county road signage should be directed to your County Commissioner's office.

Note: Authority to set addressing standards was granted to counties in 1989 through Texas Senate Bill 1091 which amended the County Road and Bridge Act. Section 2.011 (b) of the County Road and Bridge Act, Art. 6702-1, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, authorized Commissioner's Courts to adopt their own addressing standards to name roads and assign address numbers to property within the unincorporated areas.

Angelina County
Houston County
Nacogdoches County
Newton County
936-634-2247 Ext. 5261
Polk County
Sabine County
San Augustine County
936-634-2247 Ext. 5261
San Jacinto County
Shelby County
Trinity County
Tyler County
Jasper County
For more information on addressing for Jasper County, please contact SETRPC at 409-347-1911
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