Helping the Community

How 2-1-1 Texas Can Help the Community

  • 2-1-1 Texas allows easy access to statewide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • 2-1-1 Texas is a part of a statewide network of information and referral services and can direct people outside our service area to the appropriate area information center that serves their county.

  • 2-1-1 Texas is a critical element of Texas' Homeland Security strategy. It provides a way to coordinate and disseminate accurate and up-to-date information to all Texans when they need it.

  • 2-1-1 Texas relieves the stress on 9-1-1 by redirecting non-emergency calls, thereby leaving 9-1-1 lines open for true emergencies.

  • 2-1-1 Texas demonstrates how state and community governments can work together to create a successful public-private partnership.

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